Efteling Theatre

A day out with friends, family or colleagues: it is all possible in the Efteling Theatre. Where the Theatre was still known as Theatre the Efteling until 2012, it is now simply called the Efteling Theatre. This is the first part of Uitrijk (lit. Outer Realm), a part of the Efteling which is also available to visitors outside of opening hours. A ticket for the Efteling is not necessary to visit the theatre.

Different shows and musicals

Many are familiar with the Wonderful Efteling Show with Hans Klok, who proved to be a great success. Today, numerous shows and musicals run in the theatre and it’s great for a day out. There are several open-end performances, such as The Sound of Music, which continues to run as long as there is an interest in it. Besides various park shows, many musicals are also staged outside opening hours of the Efteling. From famous fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid, to well-known entertainment musicals. As of September 2015 the new musical Pinocchio will be featured in the theatre.

In addition to Park shows and musicals, there are sometimes other events taking place in the theatre. Think of the EC Bowling Finals in 2012 and the Miss Netherlands Finals in 2010. Nevertheless, the Efteling Theatre continues to focus primarily on shows for children.

Combine with a reservation

Are you spending an evening with the family at the Efteling Theatre? You can also combine your show with a dinner reservation or hotel stay at HotelRestaurant De Lakei! So prior to the show you can wine and dine and afterwards, spend the night in one of the fully equipped rooms that the hotel has to offer.