One of the most famous and most popular theme parks in the Netherlands and Europe is the Efteling. This marvellous park full of new and exciting rides is based on numerous fairy tales and makes for a fun day out. Where the Efteling, in its early years, was primarily intended for small children, the park has now developed into a genuine theme park for all ages. From a nature park with playground, boating pond and a teahouse into a fully-fledged amusement park with modern rides and exciting attractions for daredevils. The enchanted forest is evermore charismatic and constantly invests in new tales.

The layout of the Efteling

Efteling continues to renew itself. Every few years, a new roller coaster is added and existing attractions get a makeover. This ensures that well-known attractions like the Droomvlucht (literally Dream Flight), Fata Morgana and Piraña, invariably remain a favourite among visitors. Check the surrounding areas and visit the different realms of the park. Each realm is characterized by specific and relevant attractions and entertainment.

In addition to the magic of the Enchanted Forest and the thrill of the rides, the Efteling has much more to offer. Good food and drinks are combined with special performances and contemporary events.

Combine with a reservation at De Lakei

After an enjoyable but exhausting day in the Efteling, you can combine your day trip with an overnight stay and dinner at Restaurant-Hotel De Lakei. Here you can unwind and discuss your unforgettable adventures together. If you have not seen all there is to see of the popular amusement park, you can simply head there again the very next day!

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